Welcome to Brand Your Small Business!

Welcome! I am so excited you have decided to start your business with me!

I will be by your side as you put together your new business, create a brand and start to market your product.

You might we wondering a little bit about me!

Well...I am a wife to my best friend from high school and a mother of three children. I have a degree in Hand Bookbinding and started my first business as a binder in 2007.

After I had my second child I started baking from home and selling muffins, cookies and granola at the local farmers market. It was super fun! I would bake on Fridays and spend Saturday morning talking to people and selling my goods. I could bring the baby with me, he hung out on a blanket or nursed and took a nap.

I enjoyed it so much that I focused on granola and started baking out of a commercial kitchen so I could sell in stores. I built quite a following, started doing multiple markets a week and got my granola into over a dozen stores.

This was a great business but I got tired of spending so much time out of the house. I was spending two nights a week making and packaging granola, then most weekends I was at markets and events both days.My children were really too little to take with me, and I felt like I was missing out on raising them. I decided to move on and was lucky enough to find a buyer for the business.

My little helper eating all the product.

After I sold my granola business I decided to open an online store. That was a learning experience! I worked with a website designer and created an ecommerce store in WordPress, contacted wholesalers and set up accounts, I even started a blog as part of the site. After I opened I quickly learned just how hard online sales could be.

I limped along for a few months, making a few sales and getting some followers but not really making any money. That fall I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and then found out I was pregnant, everything changed and I let go of my business. Looking back it was a great learning experience, but not a great business experience.

Two years ago I started working as a Virtual Assistant. I built a simple website and posted on Facebook that I was looking for work. My first two jobs came from that post and then word spread from there.

I have concentrated on local businesses that wanted to expand their online presence and relied mostly on word of mouth to get my clients.

Early on in 2016 I decided it was time for me to start my own blog. I started researching blogging and was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of information out there.

I have been slowly working my way through all of the ecourses, ebooks and downloads I accumulated in those first few months. I am finally feeling like I have a handle of this blogging thing.

Now, I am ready to help other mothers start their own businesses. I can't wait to hear all about what you are planning to accomplish! Please join me in my Facebook group and tell me all about it!

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